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Is it Safe to Buy Luxury Watches Online?

Are you an avid collector of luxury watches from brands like Michael Kors or Burberry? Or maybe you’re just a person who randomly wants to spend a large chunk of their paycheck on a luxurious timepiece. Either way, all of you can agree that you have considered buying off a piece that you’ve seen on the online market. As time progressed, the market has become increasingly more global. The rise of online shopping has allowed for shopping to be less of a hassle and ultimately more accessible. Talk about how you can find limited timepieces for sale online or how you can get them for much cheaper on an online store. Shopping online has all the benefits you could ever dream of. However, when it comes to buying luxury brands, it’s a whole other conversation. Not only are you spending hundreds or thousands of your money on a single item, but you also aren’t even afforded the privilege to physically assess the product you bought, not until it arrives at your doorstep.

In particular, for luxury watches, people take an extra mile to be careful because they are magnificent pieces of engineering. Apart from the fear of damaging them in transit, multiple other worries such as a wrong item being delivered or having a slightly glitchy item delivered to you, people still question how safe it is to buy luxury watches online. However, generally, most shoppers say that shopping for luxury watches isn’t any different from buying bags or even cars, given that a lot of stores have been modifying the online customer experience to mimic the comfort and ease that people feel when purchasing a luxury watch in a physical store. Russell Kelly, the chief commercial officer of an e-tailer name Hodinkee, said that it was probably a ‘generational thing’ given that this in this day-and-age people are more comfortable with the idea of buying most of their stuff online. However, no matter what experts say, purchases online will only become safe given that you’ve taken account of all of the necessary considerations for a successful purchase.

The Considerations

 The primary consideration that people look out for when they buy luxury watches online is to figure out if the site or person selling it is an authorized dealer. The logic to that is if at the end of the day you’re willing to spend hundreds and thousands of your money on a single timepiece, at least be assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. You can’t go around wasting money when you accidentally buy from a scammer that sells imitations and fakes. Tons of online dealers have official seals of dealership.

However, most of the shops online are not authorized, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t giving you the best. It just means that they may be more flexible in pricing, which allows them to exist in a more competitive market. To increase your comfort level, you should pick a dealer that is known for its excellent customer service. Dealers who have great customer service make the buying experience more whole. If they are responsive, you can ask them to send pictures and videos of the products to test the bezel if it rotates seamlessly or with no visual flaws like scratches to the item.

Also, it would help if you considered the return and warranty policies that the dealer offers. In a way, these types of considerations are safeguards to whatever may go wrong in the middle of the purchase. Please take a look at how accessible their return/warranty policy is and what terms need to be met. Knowing the terms that they set makes it easier for you to retract your purchase if the product that arrived does not meet your standards.

Lastly, take advantage of social media and review sites. Given that the world has become very interconnected, numerous people will lay down their reviews for purchases that they’ve bought. Try to surf through reputable watch blogs that review their online shopping experiences. It will help you get a good grasp of what certain shops offer.

One of the best dealers out there remains DialOutlet, wherein the company’s priority lies in giving only the best to their customers. The company assures that all of the items you get are greatly discounted because they only keep the essentials, rooting out the unnecessary middlemen that spark up the prices of the luxury pieces.

So, is it a Yay or Nay?

Shopping for luxury watches online entails just as many risks as it would when you were buying the watch in real life. So, spoil yourself! Buy that watch that you saw online. Just stay smart and think about how you want your purchase to go. Make good use of the money that you plan to spend and make your return of investment worth it.